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ResilientTransportation is a Matlab package for the traffic assignement and distribution analysis. This particular piece of software can be used in general for traffic analyses, but it has been specifically taylored to perform analyses concering transportation network resilience to natural disasters.

How to cite

Several publications describe and use algorithms that are now included in ResilientTransportation. If you use ResilientTransportation for your research, please cite it referring to these publications:


At this stage, ResilientTransportation is provided as a Beta version. No manual or support are provided, but the files of ResilientTransportation are self-explicative. More information on its underlying models can be found in the cited papers.

ResilientTransportation is still under development and the Authors take no responsibility for the results that it will provide, nor for data loss or other types of damage that it might accidentally cause.

Users' feedback is extremely valuable to us. Feel free to contact us frequently for questions, suggestions and to report bugs.


ResilientTransportation is a Matlab package containing several routines for traffic analysis. It can be used only within the Matlab environment and can be linked to any other Matlab code.

ResilientTransportation can be downloaded and used for free, but you will need a license to run it. In this page you can download the package and ask for the free license.

To download ResilientTransportation click here.

Request a license

A license can be obtained for free filling the following form. Normal licenses are valid for 90 days and can be renewed for free. If you need a longer license, just let us know and justify it. Do not hesitate to send us an email for clarifications.