Awards for the group members

Fahim and Mohanad receive awards for their exceptional service.

[April 2021]

The team celebrates Fahim Rustamy who received the "TA of the Year Award" of Lehigh University and Mohanad Khazaali who received the "Rossin College Graduate Leadership and Service Award." We are immensely proud of Fahim and Mohanad and glad that their contributions to the University and the College community are rewarded.

Fahim's award recognizes his exceptional contributions as Teaching Assistant for multiple courses during the challenging 2020-'21 academic year. The university administration wrote to Fahim "Scores of students wrote with deep gratitude for the help, guidance, and assistance you provided especially in this difficult year. You kept them going." The award was accompanied by a certificate, a glass trophy, and an honorarium.

Mohanad has been recongized with the 2021 Rossin College Graduate Leadership and Service award. When announcing the award, the college administration told Mohanad: "All of your nominators discussed your exceptional leadership skills and commitment to the university community. You have become a leader within your research group, served as a mentor to peers in your department, represented Lehigh through your work with EERI in your role as chapter president, and maintained stellar performance in your academic program." The award was accompanied by an honorarium.

Fahim and Mohanad have matured not only as engineers and scientists, but also as leaders and role models. They are both approaching graduation and we cannot wait to see what the future is holding for them.

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