Join our team!

Dr. Bocchini's group is almost constantly recruiting talented and motivated students and/or postdocs, from the USA and any other country.

Follow the instructions to apply, but note: this process does NOT substitute the application to Lehigh University, which is still required.

Being a member of our team

  • As you can see from the page listing current and former members, our team is quite diverse, for instance in terms of cultural background, gender, race, and age. Only people who are comfortable in this type of environment can be successful members of our team.
  • We value honesty, collegiality, respect, and dedication as much as intellectual abilities.
  • While each student is expected to pursue specific and original research objectives, we strive to create synergies among the various topics that we investigate. This leads to fruitful collaborations among students and joint publications, so that the final result is more than the sum of the parts.
  • Our research is highly cited, and we receive frequent confirmations of the impact that we are making.
  • For students who receive financial support, it is customary at Lehigh that offers are made semester-by-semester, based on continued performance. However, no member of Dr. Bocchini's group has ever seen his/her financial support dropped or paused before the completion of the degree.
  • The former members of our team have been very successful in finding the job that they desire and deserve. For example, see the success stories of Ms. Heba Elsayed, Dr. Aman Karamlou, and Dr. Vasileios Christou.

Currently open positions

  • One position as Master of Science student, starting in the Fall 2023, without financial support.

Application for student positions

Very important note: this application process is required to be considered for Dr. Bocchini's research team. It does not, in any way, replace the formal application to Lehigh University and, in particular, to the graduate programs in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The two applications are complementary and both needed.

If you are interested in joining Dr. Bocchini's research team, in addition to completing this application process, please mention Dr. Bocchini in your statement, which you will submit as part of your application package to Lehigh University.

The following application form leverages a Google-provided service. In some locations, Google's services may be blocked, and it may be required to use a special browser configuration to make it work.

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