Outstanding Doctoral Advisor

Dr. Bocchini is the inaugural recipient of the
"Outstanding Doctoral Student Advising Award"
from the Rossin College.

[April 2018]

This year the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University has introduced awards for its Faculty and Staff members. The students in our group have teamed up and coordinated to nominate Dr. Bocchini for the "Outstanding Doctoral Student Advising Award", and their initiative was successful. During the award ceremony, Mr. Vasileios Christou read some excerpts from the nomination letters. He mentioned, among other things, that our team should not be called the "Bocchini Research Group", but rather the "Bocchini Research Family". He also mentioned that the goal of our group family is to make each one of its members successful, along any professional path they will choose (see for instance Aman's story).

The official description of the award states: "This award is presented to a full-time Rossin College faculty member who has a strong committment to doctoral education and provides excellent support and mentorship to the doctoral students they work with".

Dr. Bocchini enthusiastically accepted the recognition, and mentioned that no award could make him happier than one received from his graduate students, who embody his professional legacy.

If you want to become a member of this incredible team family, consider joining us.