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Places and Events


This page contains some instructions about finding our meeting places, from the conference room, to where we will have dinner and a picnic. The assumption is that you have already made your way to Bethlehem, and that you are already on campus or near campus. Instructions on how to reach campus are here, and you can also have a look at a map.

[Image: Neighborhood map]

Map of the neighborhood of the meeting place, at the northern border of Lehigh's campus. Comfort Suites is in the top-left corner, parking garage and the building with our classroom (Rauch Business Center) are in the bottom-right corner. Click the map for a high resolution version, or go to the same map in google.

Conference Venue

[Image: Classroom]

Room 91 in Rauch Business Center.

Conference room: Rauch Business Center, 91

The meeting will take place in the Rauch Business Center building, in room number 91, which is located downstairs from the first floor, near the east side of the building. You can enter the building from the east side, from the west side, and also from the courtyard on its southern side. This building is just next door to the Zoellner Arts Center parking garage. Parking costs $4 and there is a machine at the entrance that accepts cash as well as credit cards. Clearly, if you are staying at Comfort Suites or in the dorms, then you can walk instead of driving.

[Image: Rauch Business Center]

Rauch Business Center, as seen from the intersection of Taylor St. and E Packer Ave.

[Image: Rauch Business Center]

View of the Rauch Business Center and associated courtyard, as seen when reaching it after exciting the parking garage from its south-west corner.

Rauch business center is at the intersection of Taylor St. and E Packer Ave., and the parking garage where you would be able to park is half a block further east following Taylor St.; if you blow up the picture on the right, you will see some faint banners in the distance near where the building vanishes, on the left side of the picture. That's where the parking garage of the Zoellner Arts Center is.

On the southern side of the Rauch Business Center there is a courtyard, and you can directly end up there if you exit the parking garage on the second floor, following the stairs in the south-west corner. Anyhow, enter Rauch Business Center from the first door you find, go near its east side, and walk down one flight of stairs. Follow the signs with the FoNLO logo.

[Image: Access routes to RB91]

This is how you find the classroom. The red arrow is for people driving into the parking garage. The blue arrows are access routes to walk into the building where the classroom is. The red star is the approximate location of the classroom (room 91), one flight of stairs down after you enter the building.

Social Events

[Image: Stabler Tower]

We will have dinner up here.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place in the evening of August 4. The location is a room at the top of a tower, at the top of the hill that hosts a large part of Lehigh's campus on its northern slope. This tower and associated buildings were once the property of Bethlehem Steel before they were acquired by the university. The tower doesn't look like much from the outside, but from the inside there is a nice view (weather permitting) of the Lehigh Valley and the sunset. The address is 111 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015. In principle, it is possible to use stairs and woodpaths to walk (uphill) to the place, but one can also drive or use the free bus service.

Bus Service

Lehigh University offers a free bus service between the Asa Packer campus (where the conference is held) and Mountaintop Campus. There is a 6:10 pm bus leaving from the corner of Taylor St. and Memorial Drive (map). There is also a bus at 7:10pm, but then you would be later for dinner. After the dinner, there is a 9:15 pm bus that will take you back to the Asa Packer campus after stopping at the graduate student housing over South Mountain. This schedule has a full listing of times for the busses, or please refer to the Transportation and Parking Services website for more information.

Post-Dinner Event at the end of the first day

[Image: OSA Friends]

Please join The OSA student chapters from Washington State University and Lehigh University at Molly's following dinner to continue the day's discussions over drinks in an informal atmosphere. We encourage attendees to learn about the NLO community and make connections. Located at the corner of New and Fourth Streets, the venue is within walking distance of the conference and accomidations.

[Image: Illicks Mill Park]

A park pavillion at Illicks Mill Park near the monocacy creek, in Bethlehem. The planned site of FoNLO's last-day BBQ.

Last day BBQ

We have organized a farewell BBQ in coordination with the WSU and LU OSA student chapters at a nearby park for all who will be around on Wednesday night. We'll have grilled burgers and vegetables with chips and soft drinks along the Monacacy Creek starting ~6 pm at Illicks Mill Park, near 98 Illick's Mill Road, Bethlehem, PA.

We invite anybody to attend this BBQ! Sponsored by the Lehigh University Graduate Life Office and Graduate Student Senate.

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