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Neal Simon, Ph.D.

Kayleigh O'Keeffe, Ph.D.
Teaching Assistant Professor

Research Interest:
Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease

STEPS, Room 366
1 West Packer Ave 
Bethlehem, PA 18015


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About Dr. O'Keeffe

Dr. Kayleigh O’Keeffe joined the department of biological sciences at Lehigh in 2022. Her research has broadly integrated ecology and evolutionary biology methods to better understand the consequences of within-host microbial interactions on disease. Multicellular organisms are often host to a diverse community of mutualistic, commensal, and parasitic microbes, referred to collectively as the microbiome. The microbial community surrounding a parasite shapes both that parasite’s immediate phenotype and its evolutionary potential. Dr. O’Keeffe has investigated this by focusing on how within-host interactions relate to disease at multiple levels, studying the impacts of these interactions on parasite growth and replication within host individuals and on transmission of parasites across host populations. Her PhD research at UNC-Chapel Hill focused on the interactions among fungal parasites of a grass host. After completing her PhD in 2019, she started a postdoctoral position at the University of Pennsylvania. In this position, she still considered questions related to the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, but developed these questions within a different study system – ticks and tick-borne pathogens – to uncover how population dynamics of pathogens relate to those of their vector.

In addition to her biological research, Dr. O’Keeffe is passionate about undergraduate education and communicating science to broad audiences. She aims to create learning environments where her students feel confident to participate and ultimately see themselves as scientists, developing both knowledge and skills that parallel those found in a science career, such as experimental design, data interpretation, and communication skills.


Fall 2022

Bios 044 - Integrative and Comparative Biology (Lecture

Bios 045 - Integrative and Comparative Biology (Lab)



*Underlining indicates undergraduate under my mentorship

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