Undergraduate Program in Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Microscopy


The Department of Biological Sciences is well-equipped with a variety of high-end microscope facilities.

Fluorescence Microscopy
Confocal Microscopy
Laser Microdissection


Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Nikon TE-2000U with phase contrast
  • Nikon TE-2000U with DIC
  • Nikon Eclipse E800
  • Nikon E1000
  • Nikon SMZ1500 stereomicroscope
  • Nikon Biostation IM

The department maintains a variety of inverted and upright microscopes capable of fluorescent, DIC and phase contrast imaging. All microscopes have designated cameras and software for capturing high-quality images. The Biostation IM is an incubated, CO2-controlled, enclosed microscope that allows for multi-day time-lapse imaging of live cells.


Confocal Microscopy

  • Zeiss LSM880 scanning confocal
  • Nikon LiveScan Swept Field confocal

The Department of Biological Sciences has two confocal microscopes – a Zeiss LSM880 scanning microscope and a Nikon Swept Field. The Zeiss is equipped with lasers for excitation at 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, and 633nm. A heated stage is also available for live cell imaging, although users must provide their own chamber. The Nikon Swept Field is
designed specifically for live-cell imaging and can excite at 440, 488, and 561nm.



Laser Microdissection

  • Molecular Machines MMI CellCut laser microdissection

The MMI CellCut laser microdissection system allow for precise, user-defined sections of material to be cut and removed from special slides or dishes. The instrument is then able to transfer these sections to a tube so they can be further analyzed. Our system utilizes a Nikon TE-2000S inverted fluorescent microscope.



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