Audience Comments


"One of the more thought-provoking works in the show." -Arts Magazine


"Content and process again intervene in a seductive relationship that asks new questions about books, our minds and the aesthetic experience." -Ars Electronica Linz, Austria


"(Shortess is) extending the definition of sculpture into a mysterious territory. He won't allow the viewer to be passive." -Lee Noel, Compute Magazine


"Shortess loves the process...other artists and art lovers will love the results." -Art Matters


"...invites direct participation." "...seem obliged to find some basic truth in [his] work..." - Reading Eagle


"...with a certain savant simplicity, Shortess manages to enhance the atmosphere of his exhibition with high-tech computer-based imagery and an interactive sound environment." "...the image on the screen responds to the movement and location of the viewer." - Allentown Call-Chronicle


"He is unique. His art is unique." - Arts at Hayfield review


"...the idea of the responsive, participational sculpture is interesting...the strewn objects are not conceptually or aesthetically rich, only garish and random." - Bethlehem Globe-Times


"Experience an 'invisible' art work installed in the Frank Lloyd Wright Library..."


"Very interesting and aesthetically pleasing..."


"Fascinating work but it is extremely hard to conceptualize the nervous system as art."


"This is totally new idea for me."


"What does this piece have to do with art?"


"The clicking neurals...are hypnotic."


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