Garth Isaak's Home Page

I am a professor in the mathematics department at Lehigh University, spouse to psychologist Melissa Hunt (her book) and proud parent of Ian Arthur Hunt-Isaak (born spring 1995) and Noah Cushman Hunt-Isaak (born fall 1997) and Anna Rose Megui Hunt-Isaak (born fall 2003, adopted fall 2004). This home page mostly has information relevant to my work as a mathematician and educator. For a bit of personal information see the personalized vita or photo links below.

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For Spring 2023  I am teaching Math 163 - Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning and Math 311 - Graph Theory

Department of Mathematics Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA
My math office phone (610)758-3754, and office number Chandler-Ullmann 236
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Here are a family photos with my wife Melissa Hunt and sons Ian and Noah Hunt-Isaak and daughter Anna Rose Hunt-Isaak.
Use the photo link above for more family shots.

an academic family photo with, from left to right: Dana Scott (my advisor's advisor), Fred Roberts (my PhD advisor), Garth Isaak (me), and Darren Narayan (my first PhD advisee).

and a picture of me (I am more gray now)