A `Vita'

A description from late 1990's appended in 2005

(from late 1990s):Here is my family -- I am the larger of the two males pictured, the smaller Ian Arthur Hunt-Isaak (born spring 1995) does not yet have his own home page. He is much larger now. We also have a second son Noah Cushman Hunt-Isaak born fall 1997. Some day I will put a newer photo here. My spouse, Melissa Hunt, is the largest of the three females pictured. She has a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (where she also won various teaching awards). She now is associate director for the clinical PhD program at Penn, teaching a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses, supervising practicum students and helping run the clinical training program. She also works part time as a private therapist. She does not have a home page, but has an email address (mhunt@cattell.psych.upenn.edu). The dog, Vashti and the cat, Pacem also do not have electronic addresses.

As you might infer from the pictures, I have a life outside of mathematics. I currently spend most of my non mathematics time changing diapers, playing with rattles, plumbing and doing electrical work. I'm happy to discuss other things that I used to have time for: biking (went across US and spent time exploring Europe a long time ago); hiking; frisbee; Mennonites, Quakers and conscientious objection; Kansas; etc.

(update in 2005): Our family now has 3 children, Ian and Noah mentioned above. They are now 10 and 7 and active in all sorts of things. I spend a fair
bit of time driving the minivan to practices, playdates etc. In November 2004 Melissa and I traveled to China and adopted a little girl, who we have
named Anna Rose Megui Hunt-Isaak. She was born fall 2003 and found the next day on the door of the Zhongpingxiang government in
Xiu Shan Tuija Nationality and Miao Nationality Autonomous County. We adopted her in November 2004 in Chongqing city. Despite the many
sleepless nights and other complications of having a baby, the whole family has been blessed by her presence. She is a wonderful addition to our family
and she is already growing up, beginning to get more and more words, climbing (on the tables etc) and in general becoming a toddler.
  Our pet situation has also changed. We now have two dogs, Shadow and Vashti, who is now 13, a new cat Luna, a guinnea pig, pork chop, 2 snakes
Reggie and Emma and a bunch of fish both in a tank and a pond. See more photos on my home page or family photos here (for example, if you want to see my now gray hair, at least what is left of it)

Updated May 2005.

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