Garth Isaak's Teaching Page

Someday I will write some comments on my teaching philosophy here. For now if you want to hear it ask me directly.

Here are a few links to information on previous classes.

For Fall 2007 I taught Math 309 (Theory of Probability) and Math 90 (Excursions in Mathematics) as well as a reading course in graph theory. Pictures of math 90 student presentations.

For Spring 2008 I taught a graduate course, Math 450, topics in combinatorial theory and Math 163, Introductory Seminar, an undergraduate topics course providing a bridge to more advanced mathematics courses. The topic was combinatorial duality

For Fall 2008 I taught Math 205, Linear Methods (section 12) and Math 242, Linear Algebra .

For Spring 2009 I taught a topics course Math 350 - Combinatorial Algorithms and Math 202 - Actuarial Exam I

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