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Plugins CrossCor_1D and
CrossCor_2D calcualte the auto- and cross- correlations between datasets over offsets in time (Dt) and angle (Dq). The correlation function is :
    Correlation Equation
CrossCor_2D Calculates the correlation function as shown above, as a function of both Dt and Dq.  CrossCor_1D calculates the correlation function for Dq=0, as a function of Dt only. Both plugins require the data output of LE_Velocity and/or Intensity_Ribbon as inputs. If the two datasets are the same, an autocorrelation will be calculated, otherwise a cross-correlation will be calculated.

When either plugin  is run it will prompt the user to input necessary data:
Correlation parameters

The required parameters are:
The user is then prompted to choose two files to be analyzed. The input data files must contain matrices of data N x 360, where N is the number of frames of the image stack. The user can then save a data file containing correlation functions.

Ouput file:

The output for CrossCor_1D will be in columns with the data formatted (
Dt, cf*g), while CrossCor_2D will be a matrix of data (N-1) x (M-1), where the column number indicates the time offset, and the row number indicates the angle offset. 


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