Image Analysis Tools to Quantify Cell Shape and Protein Concentrations near the Leading Edge

Speckle TrackerJ
Leading Edge Position and Velocity
Leading Edge Intensity
Correlation Analysis
Speckle Velocities

On this site we provide a collection of ImageJ plugins for analysing dynamics at the leading edge of cells. These plugins are designed to analyze outputs from JFilament and Speckle TrackerJ, two other opensource ImageJ plugins.  The plugins are:

     You will need to install  JFilament and Speckle TrackerJ first. A zip file containing the source code is available here. To install the plugins, place the unzipped folder into the ImageJ plugins directory. In ImageJ go to Plugins, 'Compile and Run' to compile each .java file. Finally restart ImageJ and there should be a Leading Edge Analysis Plugins (LEAP) option in your plugins menu, with the compiled plugins indicated.

Example files are available here.