As a Sea World investigator, you must make observations and develop a hypothesis based on the observations you made about a shark's survival techniques. What exactly is a hypothesis? Many people refer to a hypothesis as an educated guess that is based on information that a scientist has already learned. In other words, it is not just a wild guess!


Here are some QUESTIONS to help get you started on your investigation:

What are the different parts of a shark? What are their functions?

What is the average size of different shark species?

What type of skeleton do sharks have? Shape? Coloration? Fins? Scales? Teeth?

How can you tell the difference between a female and male shark? Do male and female sharks have different survival tactics?

Sharks have been in existence for more than 300 million years. Have they always had the same physical characteristics and survival tactics?

Write down any other questions and your answers concerning sharks in your notepad.


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