As an investigator and scientist, it is important to share what you have learned with others.

You are finally finished with the long-awaited shark exhibit for Sea World and it's ready to be displayed for the public! But before you and your partner deliver the exhibit to the owners of Sea World, you need to get an opinion from the other members in your class.

Think of ways that you can present and share your shark exhibit to your class. Here are some ideas:

Write a summary statement that describes what you found.

Lead a group discussion: what do the students in your class think sharks use to survive?

Create a webpage.

Design a PowerPoint presentation.

Congratulations - Your shark exhibit has been approved! The grand opening is tomorrow and everyone is talking about it! Since you've done such a wonderful job, Sea World may be looking for you to create more exhibits again do you feel about getting up-close and personal with sea lions?!?


Problem Question Evidence Conclusion Alternatives Communicate