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Thin Glass: Storing a Lightening Bolt in Glass for Portable Power.
Penn State materials researchers have reported the largest know energy storage capacity for a bulk glass, making it a potential new candidate for capacitors for electric vehicles and power applications. Read article >

Unlocking the centuries-old secrets of gold-ruby glass
Ahmed Issa '09, a materials science and engineering major, is working on a project that has connected glass researchers from five continents.
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Himanshu JainVideo of the week - Jain on biomed applications of glass
Lehigh's Himanshu Jain discusses the school’s work to lead an international effort to develop biocompatible, dually porous glass that helps damaged human bone to regenerate. Jain teaches in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Full Article

Courses and Events

Himanshu Jain Lehigh's IMI supports diversity in material engineering
Picture: Prof. Himanshu Jain delves into glass science and engineering with srudents at Tuskegee Univerity.
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Application of Synchrotron Techniques in Glass Research.

IMI-NFG and National Synchrotron Light Source recently sponsored a 2 day workshop at Brookhaven National Lab. Read Article >

Workshop Participants International Solar Energy Workshop - Pittsburgh
80 people from academia, industry and governmental institutaions attended the recently-held 2 day workshop to discuss future challenges, research and role of glass in solar applications.More >
Published news article on Solar Workshop Read >
Video-Web Class on Glass Lehigh's IMI helps create a streaming-video web class about glass
Lehigh joined with five other U.S. colleges to offer a web-based course called Characterization and Structure of Glass. More>

Presentations and Awards

Gregory Brentrup IMI-NFG REU, Gregory Brentrup is awarded 2008 Alfred R. Cooper Young Scholar prize for his work and research on "Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-Macro Porous Bioactive Glass-Ceramics."
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Dr. Arden Bement, NSF
Dr. Arden Bement, Director of NSF, discusses NSF's role in industry-academia research partnership, globalization programs.
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Other recent IMI-research related articles

Lehigh renews partnership with Chinese school
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Clemson Hosts Virtual Collaborative Glass Class for 10 Institutions'
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Chalcogenide glass is photostable'
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Other glass articles in the news

'As Unbreakable as .......Glass? (The New York Times, 07.07.09)
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