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One of the primary goals of the IMI for New Functionality in Glass is to encourage and facilitate international collaborations that will lead to the creation of new applications and opportunities for glass. In order to provide an initial focus for collaboration, four main areas or thrusts have been selected as well as othertopics of research that may introduce new functionalities in glass.

Four Thrusts for New Functionality in Glasses

  • Active Glass
  • Biomedical Glass
  • Low Tg Glass
  • Strength in Glass
  • Other

International Glass Research Network and Collaborations

Aim: to encourage and facilitate international collaborations that will lead to the creation of new applications and opportunities for glass. To help achieve this, the IMI-NFG supports international glass research collaboration through a series of program initiatives and grants, for example:

  • International Research Exchange Program
    connecting scientists (graduate students, postdocs, faculty and industry) across the world. This research exchange program is essentially a partnership between an academic institution within the US and another located abroad.
    More information on this program as well as grant and guidelines is detailed on our OPPORTUNITIES webpage.

    This principle has been adapted to provide a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in an International Research Experience for Undergraduates (International REU program) for approximately 10 weeks during the summer.
    More information on this program is available on the REU webpage.
  • Senior sabbatical exchanges
    - opportunity for faculty to collaborate with principle investigators and other faculty in other institutions.
    More information available on our OPPORTUNITIES webpage.
  • International Conference Travel Scholarships
    - this grant is available to undergraduates, graduate and postdoc students who wish to travel abroad to present a paper or poster relating to their glass research at a Conference outside of the US. Participants have the opportunity to gain international experience, draw attention to research results in the US, network and build new collaborations.
    More information on this scholarship and how to apply is detailed on our OPPORTUNITIES webpage.
  • International Workshops for Research and Training
    - linking academia and industry both in the US and internationally to discuss key issues in glass applications, research and developments.
    For more information on Upcoming Events click here

Examples of Thrust Related Research

All members of the glass community are welcome and encouraged to submit a one page summary of relevant thrust related work (research nuggets) for inclusion on our Web site. Consult our .DOC template describing the format for submitting a Research Nugget.

  • Glassy Metamaterials, Novel Glasses and Nanocomposites
  • Functional Coatings
  • Ionic Functionalities
  • Glasses Engineered for Strength
    "Alkali-Free Glass as a High Energy Density Dielectric Material"
    Penn State: N. Smith, M.T Lanagan, C.P Pantano
  • Optical Functionality
    "Glasses for fabricating tailored nanostructures"
    Lehigh: H. Jain
  • Designing Glasses for Space Exploration
    University of Arizona and University of Rennes, France
    Professor Pierre Lucas
  • Biological Functionality
    Glasses Engineered for Strength
    Penn State: C. Pantano
  • Multiple Thrusts / Other Functionalities
    Arizona State International PhD Program

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number DMR-0844014.
Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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