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K. H. Norian
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA.

Tel (610) 758-4082

Research, teaching, selected publications

Course information
a) ECE 339 Graphical Signal Processing
Course description
    b) ECE 350/450 Electrical Energy Systems
Course description
c) Electrical Lab ECE 162                   
Material Provided at Each Session
d) EMC1                                             
Course information
e) EMC115                                       
Course information
      f) Independent Study- Electrical Materials

Edited works
Journal of Graphomathematical Algorithms
(ISBN 0-9754238-1-9, 2000-2005)

Electrical Engineering, Theory and Examples
Revised Fourth Edition, 2010
 K.H.Norian. ISBN 978-0-9772484-3-8