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Membrane Protein Biophysics: Transduction and Modulation of Receptor Signaling

Membrane Biophysics & Drug Delivery

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New lab member - Janessa Gerhart

We are really excited to welcome Janessa Gerhart in our group. Janessa is currently a first year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry. Welcome!

New lab member - Max Watkins

Our group is very happy to welcome Max Watkins, a Sophomore in Biochemistry.

Congratulations to Ryan

Congratulations to Ryan for obtaining his M.S. in Bioengineering. Ryan is now officially the first graduate from the Thévenin Lab!! He will be joining the Bioengineering Ph.D. Program at the University of Maryland in the Fall.

2 new lab members

Welcome to Jennifer Shah (Sophomore in Biochemistry) and Tanner McCleerey (Sophomore in Biochemistry).

3 new lab members

The group is very happy to welcome 3 new students: Ryan MacKay, Elizabeth (Betty) Dembicer and Amar Shah. Ryan is a MS student in Bioengineering, Betty is a rising 1st year graduate student in Chemistry and Amar is a sophomore undergraduate student.