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Thank you for taking this survey.  This survey is designed to give feedback to the webmaster and teacher in charge.  We are looking for ways to improve the design, content and usability of the site.

Please copy this portion of the page and paste it into the body of an email.  Complete the survey and email to the webmaster.


What did you learn from this activity?

Was it easier to learn using the web, or do you prefer regular class time?                                                              (Don't read this: Which did you like better, playing on the web or listening to your teacher?)

Was the assignment easy to follow and understand? 

Were the objectives clear?  What do you think the main objectives were?

Why do you think your teacher asked you to do this?

Could you complete it in a reasonable amount of time?

Would you like to do more web-based activities?  Why?

Please add any additional comments here.

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