Plant Nutrition

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Look at the Evidence:

You are now called upon to reflect on your understanding of plant nutrition and photosynthesis.  Look back at the reaction for photosynthesis.  This shows what things are necessary for plants to make food. 

  What factors might affect the rate of photosynthesis? 

Use all your powers of scientific thought!!

Talk it over with your partner and fill out the worksheet section (E).


Now examine the data from this experiment.  Look at the values for the things you think affect the rate of photosynthesis.  What does the data support?  Is there anything missing that you think is necessary?

Write your conclusions on the worksheet (F).


See what some other people think about the rate of photosynthesis.

You've been here before.

Research in action- these guys are serious

See what a college student says


Continue on the last part of the activity.

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