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Current Research

Technology for high-throughput drug screening 

We are working on design and implementation of a platform for high-throughput drug screening.  The platform consists of a large-area, multiple electrode array chip capable of chronic, parallel electrical recordings, microfluidic tissue culture system, and organotypic brain slice cultures.   We intend to use this platform in a search for antiepileptic drugs; however, we also plan to extend the applications to other neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Molecular signaling in post-traumatic epilepsy

We are investigating signaling pathways that lead to acquired epilepsy.  We are using traditional molecular methods with a combination of  high-throughput techniques for assessing changes in metabolism, cell death, and electrical activity in epileptic hippocampus.  

Neural circuit development on a chip

We created a PDMS microfluidic device to study neural circuit development; specifically, the activity dependence of axon sprouting.  The device made it possible to separately control activity in two halves of a functionally connected circuit, and to measure effects on axons (confined in microchannels, red in b') and synapses.  This work was featured in the
Highlights in Chemical Biology 5(3):1, 2010, published by Royal Society of Chemistry.

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