Math 312 & Stat 412 at Lehigh University

Math 312 / Stat 412 (Applied Statistics): Exploratory data analysis; Monte Carlo methods; randomization and resampling. Computational aspects based on software tools and statistical packages. Prerequisite: Math 12 or Math 231. 

Here is a typical course description of Applied Statistics at Lehigh University.

Textbook used :
   1. "Statistical Methods", revised edition, by Rudolf J. Freund and William J. Wilson.
   2. "A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis" by Chatterjee, Handcock and Simonoff.
   3. "Learning SAS in the Computer Lab" by R. Elliott.
   4. Many others

Selected topics:

  • 1. Review of basic probability distributions and basic statistical methods.
  • 2. Some standard probabilistic results used in statistics.
  • 3. Introduction to one-sample statistical problems.
  • 4. Point and interval estimation.
  • 5. Hypotheses testing and p-value.
  • 6. t-test and t-C.I. and the concept of degrees of freedom.
  • 7. Correlation coefficient.
  • 8. Two tests for normality (Chi-squared test and W-S test).
  • 9. Chi-squared test for normality when parameters are estimated.
  • 10. Normal scores and normal probability plot.
  • 11. Paired sample problems.
  • 12. Signed test for the center of symmetry.
  • 13. Wilcoxon signed-rank test for the center of symmetry.
  • 14. Confidence interval based on Wilcoxon signed-rank statistic.
  • 15. Walsh's pairwise averages.
  • 16. Simple linear regression.
  • 17. Confidence intervals for regression coefficients.
  • 18. ANONA Table and F-test for simple linear regression.
  • 19. Coefficient of determination and residual plot.
  • 20. Two-sample problems.
  • 21. T-tests and F-test for testing mu_1 = mu_2.
  • 22. Confidence intervals for mu_2 - mu_1.
  • 23. One-way analysis of variance and F tests.
  • 24. Multiple camparisons, orthogonal contrasts.

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