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Teaching and Advising

Administrative position

2005-Present: Ph.D. program director, College of Business and Economics, Lehigh University.

Thesis Supervision

  1. Ph.D. Dissertation Chair (Lehigh):
    1. Jason Hockenberry (2008), Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, School of Public Health
    2. Dana Costea (2008), Assistant Professor, Indiana University - South Bend
    3. Tsung-Yi Justin Wang (2009), Assistant Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    4. David van der Goes (2010), Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Washington
    5. Yi Lu (2010), 5th year
    6. Jinghua Zhang (2010), 5th year
    7. Suhui Li (2010), 4rd year
    8. Tianyan Hu (2010), 3nd year
    9. Lea Gimenez Duarte (2010), 3rd year
    10. Rhea Bhatta (2010), 2nd year
  2. Ph.D. Thesis Committee (Lehigh): Amy Lipton
  3. Ph.D. Thesis Committee (NJIT): Rita Thornton, Isabelle Beveridge (Rutgers-Newark)
  4. Master Thesis Committee (NJIT): Rich Orlusky

Courses Taught at Lehigh

  1. Applied Microeconomics
  2. Health Economics
  3. Health Economics (graduate)
  4. Bioeconomics
  5. Health Economics: Special Topics (graduate)
  6. Applied Microeconometrics: Special Topics (graduate)

Courses Taught at NJIT

  1. Economics
  2. Environmental Economics
  3. Economics of Environment I (graduate)
  4. Economics of Environment II (graduate)