Research Interests of David Wu

Game Theory and Optimization- Theoretical Studies

Specific Topics:

  • Game and Auctions Theories;
  • Computational Game Theory;
  • Stochastic Optimization;
  • Mathematical Programming;
  • Coalition, Coordination, and Incentive Mechanisms;
  • Optimality-Equilibrium Analysis.

Computing and Algorithmic Development- Methodolgoical Studies

Specific Topics:

  • Combinatorial and Discrete Optimization;
  • Large-Scale Stochastic Optimization;
  • Graph Theoretic Algorithms

Demand Analysis for High-Tech Industries- Field Studies

Specific Topic Areas:

  • Demand Planning in High-Tech Supply Chains
  • Short-Lifecycle Product Forecasting;
  • Technology and Product Transition Analysis;
  • Semiconductor Capacity Planning;
  • Product Portfolio Analysis;
  • Diffusion and Leading Indicator Modeling.