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Prof. P. M. Cereghetti


PHY 90: Physics in Medicine: a Selection of Topics for Beginners

Fall Semester


Many of the great developments in medicine, both in the diagnostics and the treatment of diseases as well as in the understanding of how the body works, originate from principles and technologies associated with physics. How do positron emission tomography (PET) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) work? What are radiotherapy or transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)? Why are we able to see objects around us and to listen to music? In this seminar, we will discuss answers to these and other questions while learning about important principles of classical and modern physics. This seminar is intended for all those who are interested in medicine, physics, or both, but does not require any previous knowledge or predisposition towards these fields. Topics will be approached qualitatively, with only a little elementary algebra needed now and then. At the same time, those who do envisage a career in medicine or the natural sciences will be able to stimulate their interests by getting a glimpse of some of the ideas they will study in more depth later.

Why This Seminar?

In addition to focusing on a topic we are all interested in, the main scope of a freshman seminar is getting you acquainted with - or more proficient in - some of the essential tools you will need to succeed as a college student, like reading and critically discussing texts that were meant for a specialized audience beyond high school, collecting additional information using tools such as the library or online databases, and presenting the result of our research on a particular subject both orally and in writing. In addition to that, attendance, regular homework, and some tests will help you build the necessary discipline and work habits that are indispensable for every thriving college student. Below you will find some information about the course, more details will be given during the semester.

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