Bolted connection
Bolted connection
Bolted connection
Bolted connection
OpenSees material for
single-bolted connections

Efficient and accurate model of the hysteretic behavior of bolted joints, including friction, slippage, bolt bearing, and plasticity The code is open source and the code repository is available on GitHub in C++ and Matlab.

How to cite

The theory behind this model and its validation process are described in detail in the following paper:

Engineering Mechanics

Liyang Ma, Paolo Bocchini.
Hysteretic model of single-bolted angle connections for lattice steel towers.
Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE, accepted for publication.


At this stage, the code is provided as a Beta version. No support is provided, and no official manual. More information on its underlying models can be found in the cited paper.

The code is still under development and the Authors take no responsibility for the results that it will provide, nor for data loss or other types of damage that it might accidentally cause.

Users' feedback is extremely valuable to us. Feel free to contact us for questions, suggestions and to report bugs.

Download and Use

The code is available as open source and a repository is hosted by GitHub. The code can be downloaded in two versions: C++ and Matlab. The latter can be compiled for use in the OpenSees platform, as material for a zero-length element that will describe the joint.

To visit the repository and download the code, click here.
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1308074