NIST 2015
Dr. Bocchini appointed committee vice-chair by NIST

Dr. Bocchini was appointed vice-chair of the NIST Standing Committe on Data, Metrics, and Tools for Community Resilience.

[In the picture: Dr. Bocchini presenting to the panel during its first plenary meeting on November 9, 2015.]

As part of its Community Resilience Program, the National Institute for Standard and Technology (NIST) has established a Community Resilience Panel, which convened for the first time on November 9, 2015. The panel membership is open, and currently there are more than 200 members coming from local and federal government, private and public utility companies, insurances, and the academia. The panel is coordinated by a smaller leadership group. Dr. Bocchini was appointed to serve as vice-chair of the panel's cross-sector Standing Committe on Data, Metrics, and Tools.

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