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Dr. Bocchini Research Group

Dr. Paolo Bocchini is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Lehigh University. His research group focuses on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Systems, Catastrophe Modeling, Probabilistic Analysis applied to Civil Engineering, and Computational Mechanics.

News and Events

News story
June 2022
Seven team members head to Johns Hopkins University to present seven research contributions at the 2022 Conference of the Engineering Mechanics Institute. Read more about all the work presented.
News story
May 2022
Team member Fahim Rustamy defends his doctoral dissertation, received his Ph.D. and is hooded. Fahim will continue his career working for Verizon.
News story
April 2022
Finally, it is safe enough to have an in-person Structures Congress. Meetings of the committee on structural reliability and of the committee on effects of climate change. Fantastic panel sessions on "Data-Driven and Phisics-Based Models: Friends or Foes?" and on "Life-Cycle of Structures and Infrastructure Systems Under Climate Change".
News story
April 2022
Dr. Bocchini is invited to the University of Oklahoma to give a seminar on "Catastrophe Modeling Applied to Natural Disasters and Epidemics". Many thanks to the Department of Industrual and Systems Engineering at OU and to Drs. Kash Barker and Andres Gonzalez for being such wonderful hosts.
News story
March 2022
The website of Lehigh's Catastrophe Modeling Center is online. Check it out!
News story
December 2021
The work of the group on artificial intelligence applied to natural disasters is mentioned in a news article written by Dr. Anand Kulkarni (MIT-WPU). Translation to English. Original.
News story
November 2021
Long piece on the catastrophe modeling initiative featured in the Lehigh Research Magazine. Take a look to see what we are doing and why.
NAS report
September 2021
After two years of work, the report of the committee on "Transportation Resilience Metrics" has been published by The National Academies Press (the digital version is free). Dr. Bocchini will disseminate the findings of the report in an upcoming webinar.
July 2021
Once again, Lehigh is ranked second in the USA (eighth in the world) for research in Civil Engineering by the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities, which according to Wikipedia is “one of the three most influential and widely observed university measures”, especially focused on research.
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Active Research Topics


Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Systems


Regional Hazard Analysis by Functional Quantization


Non-homogeneous virus spreading and risk


CatModeling of communication infrastructure

3D Printing

3D printing concrete

Life-Cycle FEM

Life-cycle finite element analysis

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