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Dr. Bocchini Research Group

Dr. Paolo Bocchini is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Lehigh University. His research group focuses on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Systems, Probabilistic Analysis applied to Civil Engineering, and Computational Mechanics.

News and Events

April 2021
The team celebrates Fahim Rustamy who received the "TA of the Year Award" of Lehigh University and Mohanad Khazaali who received the "Rossin College Graduate Leadership and Service Award". We are immensely proud of Fahim and Mohanad and glad that their contributions to the University and the College community are recognized. Read more.
March 2021
Dr. Bocchini was invited to give a talk as part of the NIST Center of Excellence Seminar Series, with title "Regional-level approach to resilience assessment". A video of the talk is available here.
March 2021
New team member! Urinrin Otite (currently at Arup Nigeria) receives the prestigious Lehigh University Fellowship and will join the team as a doctoral student. We look forward to having Urinrin with us.
SEI Fellow
February 2021
Dr. Bocchini is elected a Fellow of the Structural Engineering Institute (ASCE). The SEI Fellow (F.SEI) grade "recognizes accomplished SEI members as leaders and mentors in the structural engineering profession".
Journal of Infrastructure Systems
February 2021
After being for a long time the "most cited article from the past three years" in the ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems, our paper on Resilience and Sustainability rotates out of the 3-year window. The paper is still one of the most read in the journal, as it has been every month since its publication.
July 2020
Lehigh is ranked second in the USA (sixth in the world) for research in Civil Engineering by the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities, which according to Wikipedia is “one of the three most influential and widely observed university measures”, especially focused on research.
July 2020
Dr. Christou leaves the team to join Fermat Capital Management. Read more about his success story.
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Active Research Topics


Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Systems


Regional Hazard Analysis by Functional Quantization


Non-homogeneous virus spreading and risk


CatModeling of communication infrastructure

3D Printing

3D printing concrete

Life-Cycle FEM

Life-cycle finite element analysis

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