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Blink taking out the cosmic being, The Inbetweener!
Blink as a cosmic entity: The Inbetween-Blink!


Plot:Stefan Petrucha
Penciller:Greg Luzniak
Inker:Andy Lanning
Colorist:Maria Parwulski

What If... Blink of GENERATION X had not died?

A whole issue on Blink? We're in heaven! What If...'s always make a minor change in one event in Marvel history, and change it slightly with far reaching results. The change here: What if Banshee had caught Blink's hand in X-Men 37, when the Real Time Blink supposedly died? (follow this Blink if you've forgotten that issue...)

What happens next gets odd. The "Blink Wave" kills the rest of Generation X instead of Blink. Furthermore, Blink is sent to a strange place in a sort of higher plane of existance, from where she can manipulate the whole planet! To gain control of this place, she must battle the cosmic entity which is the "manifestation of the principle of balance", The In-Betweener!

Stranger yet, Blink causes this god-like being (who played a part in the Infinity story lines, where he established himself as one of the most powerful beings in the universe) to cease to exist! Now, Blink is free to fix everything she ever thought was wrong with the world! Somehow, Banshee catching her caused them to be linked, so her first task is to save Banshee from drowning. [In the real book, Synch and Gen X saved him.] While everything else in the world is slowly becoming perfect, Banshee is troubled because he remembers the way it was. However, things would not stop here.

The In-Betweener warned Blink that changing the event that brought her there, the death of her friends, would cause an irreparable paradox.
She tries anyway, but paradox forces begin to tear her apart and destroy her Utopia. Banshee has figured out what she has done, however, and he goes to try and set things right. He urges her to let go, and allow time to return to 'normal'. Blink finally does, and the In-Betweener accepts her as an apprentice rather than killing her. She is apparently allowed to save Banshee anyway, but she must from then on practice non-interference as a goddess...

(BTW, we learned in this issue that Blink's skin has always been lavender-colored, and that she has always had those pink marks on her face. They did not manifest at puberty like normal mutant powers.)

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