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Against Harvest


Plot:Scott Lobdell
Penciller:Joe Madureira
Inker:Dan Green
Colorist:Steve Buccellato

The Phalanx Covenant part three, Uncanny X-Men 317

As this issue opens, we are first introduced to our heroine. She, along with future founding members of Generation X Husk, Skin, and Monet(M), have been captured by the techno-organic Phalanx. They are locked in a strange shell-chamber with a strange young man named Gregor. When their captor, the nasty Phalanx named "Harvest", comes to taunt them, Blink responds.

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"and we're to sit back while you attack and kill! No, Harvest...not me!"

With this, Blink shows us her power for the first time, while a caption hints that her first use of her power resulted in the death of innocents. "For a fraction of an instant, everything that is Harvest--is somewhere else!" Eventually, M reveals that Gregor is a phalanx spy, and the group prepares for the final showdown with Harvest.

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