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Plot:Scott Lobdell
Penciller:Joe Madureira
Colorist:Steve Buccellato

Astonishing X-Men 4 After Xavier: The Age of Apocalypse

As a child, Clarice Ferguson was considered almost pathologically shy.
caption: Clearly, this is no longer the case.
Holocaust: I'm sorry, child. I don't believe we've met.
Blink: The name is Blink. And I'm not a child. I'm the X-Man that is going to stop you and your genetic cullings once and for all.

Wow. What a start to an issue ... Blink Vs. Holocaust! Holocaust compliments Blink on the damage that she's done (he coins the phrase 'spatial displacement" as a name for her power) and taunts her saying that he enjoyed killing Sabretooth.

Blink makes a hole in the front of Holocaust's armor, but Holocaust catches her in one hand.

Holocaust:Be grateful I'm allowing you to die quickly. It's an honor I didn't afford the mongrel Creed!
[Holocaust throws Blink at a brick wall]
caption: He meant the comment as a taunt - an effort to distract her lon enough for her spine to shatter against the wall. Instead - it allows her to focus her rage...
[Blink creates a portal just in front of the wall, and comes out behind Holocaust. She hits him squarely in the back with both feet, flips and lands on his chest, holding a charged dart inches from his face. The two trade threats.]
Holocaust:... Tell me, Clarice... Do you really think you're faster than I am?
[Suddenly, Holocaust appears above a corosive vat of chemicals, with a characteristic BLINK. With a loud 'NO!', he falls in and sinks.]
Blink: My name is "Blink". Who do you think is faster...

When the team finally finishes levelling the faculty, and rescuing captive humans, Morph finds Blink mourning Mister Creed in front of the vats. Suddenly, however, something bursts from the vat! Of course, it's Holocaust! However, Morph turns out to not be Morph at all, but rather Rogue! The real Morph, Wild Child, and Sunfire show up to do a cool group shot before a final (?) battle. After a little slap stick, courtesy of Holocaust, Rogue, and Morph, Rogue is about to finish Holocaust. However, he reach a telepad, and only the sudden appearence of Iceman saves Rogue from being captured. But there is some good news. Iceman has freed Creed, who turns out to have survived after all. And so, Rogue declares that "The age of Apocalypse is OVER!"

Is it really over? Maybe we should check Amazing X-Men 4 to find out!

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