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Flashing Eyes


Plot:Scott Lobdell
Penciller:Joe Madureira
Colorist:Steve Buccellato

The Astonishing X-Men 1: Enter now...The Age of Apocalypse

It is seeming a normal day at the X-mansion, with the fearless leader of the X-Men, Magneto, giving the team a briefing on how likely exactely it is that they'll survive the crossover. When suddenly...
Nightcrawler:Vas--a transportal?!
Sabretooth:This don't look good, gang.
Quicksilver:But who would--Blink?!

Blink:Gangway, people! Critically wounded mutant cheesecake en route! "

With that, a huge fireball at the center of which is Sunfire bursts out of the portal, and the team is forced to pool their efforts to put him out. As they try to figure out what kind of combat circumstances would force Blink and Sunfire to teleport out of battle into the mansion, a prelate of Apocalypse sticks his head through the portal!

Not wanting to devote a whole issue to things coming through the portal, our heroine decides to close it. With a characteristic eye flash, the portal closes, halving the unfortunate prelate.

After this chaos clears up, the team learns from Sunfire that the cullings of innocent humans were continuing despite a treaty between the humans and Apocalypse. At the head of this killing spree: Holocaust!

Blink, Rogue, Sabretooth, Morph, Sunfire, and Wild Child go on assignment to stop the killing. As they prepare to depart, there is an interesting scene with Blink, Rogue and Gambit. Gambit and the married-to-Magneto Rogue have an almost romantic scene on the balcony, which Blink interrupts by bringing out Rogue and Magneto's baby, Charles. Gambit and Blink exchange hostilities afterwards. Apparently, Clarice feels that Gambit is a threat to her 'x-tended family' which centers around Magneto and Rogue, but she is still uncharacteristically hostile towards the cajun. Unfortunately this plot did not develop further...

More insidious than this scene, however, is a cut scene in which we learn that Blink's portal has allowed the detection of the X-Men's base... by Apocalypse!

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