Microscopy Software

3. Spectrum simulation
  1. DTSA-II
    A free software package for X-ray spectrum manipulation/simulation

    Author: Nicholas Ritchie
    Platform: Windows (both 32 bit and 64 bit), Mac OS X and Linux
    1. N.W.M. Ritchie, J. Davis and D.E. Newbury, "DTSA-II: A New Tool for Simulating and Quantifying EDS Spectra - Application to Difficult Overlaps", Microsc. Microanal. 14 (2008), Suppl. 2, 1176-1177.
    2. N.W.M. Ritchie, "Spectrum Simulation in DTSA-II", Microsc. Microanal. 15 (2009), 454-468.
    Link: http://www.cstl.nist.gov/div837/837.02/epq/dtsa2/index.html

  2. DTSA
    A free software package for X-ray spectrum manipulation/simulation

    Authors: Chuck Fiori, Carol Swyt-Thomas, and Bob Myklebust
    Platform: Mac classic
    1. C.E. Fiori C.R. Swyt and R.L. Myklebust, NIST/NIH Desk Top Spectrum Analyzer, public domain software available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg, MD. (http://www.cstl.nist.gov/div837/Division/outputs/DTSA/oldDTSA.htm), 1992.
    2. D.E. Newbury R.L. Myklebust and C.R. Swyt, "The Use of Simulated Standards in Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis with Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectrometry", Microbeam Analysis 4 (1995), 221-238.
    Link: http://www.cstl.nist.gov/div837/Division/outputs/DTSA/oldDTSA.htm

  3. Gatan EELS Advisor
    A commercialized plug-in package for EELS spectrum simulation in Gatan DigitalMicrograph

    Commercialized package
    Platform: Windows
    Citation: N.K. Menon and O.L. Krivanek, "Synthesis of Electron Energy Loss Spectra for the Quantification of Detection Limits", Microsc. Microanal. 8 (2002) 203-215.
    Link: http://www.gatan.com/products/software/eels/index.php

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