Microscopy Software

2. Image simulation
  1. JEMS
    A commercialized software package for HRTEM image simulation

    Commercialized package
    Author: Pierre Stadelmann
    Platform: Windows (both 32 bit and 64 bit), Mac OS X and Linux
    Citation: P. A. Stadelmann. JEMS - EMS java version, 2004.
    Link: http://cimewww.epfl.ch/people/stadelmann/jemswebsite/jems.html

  2. xHREM
    A commercialized software package for simulation of HRTEM images, HR-STEM images and CBED patterns

    Commercialized package
    Author: HREM Research
    Platform: Windows, Mac
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    Link: http://www.hremresearch.com/

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