DTSA on Windows

1. Introduction The NIST/NIH Desktop Spectrum Analyzer (DTSA) is one of the best X-ray spectral manipulation software packages. This software is freely available from NIST web site. Unfortunately, DTSA can run only in Macintosh classic environments (which are with any Mac OS earlier than 9.1 in 68K or PowerPC). DTSA can also run in Mac OSX with the classic mode. So, there is no way to run DTSA natively in Intel Macs since Intel Macs do not support the classic environments.

Apple should also develop (at least support) the classic environments if they can provide BootCamp.

For a while, I have been challenging to run DTSA on Windows via several Mac emulators because it is getting harder to own/use PPC Macs. And, finally, I succeeded using a Mac emulator called "SheepShaver"! I thought it can be useful to share this information with anybody who wants to run DTSA in this X-ray analysis community. Therefore, I describe here what I did to run DTSA on Windows. With similar approaches, you can also run DTSA on Linux or even on Intel Mac OSX.

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