Perella Department of Finance and Law

Research Seminar Schedule



Fall of 2008 (All seminars take place in FSL)


September 12th, Jesus M Salas (Lehigh)

Paper: The Agency Theory of Dividends: Evidence from Dividend Initiations


October 24th, Anne Anderson (Lehigh)

Paper:  A Cross Country Comparison of Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Do Financial Structures and Legal Systems Matter?


October 31st, David Reeb (Temple)

Paper: R&D Spending and Capital Expenditure Decisions: The Influence of Ownership Structure


Spring of 2009


February 27th, David Becher (Drexel)

Paper: Does regulation substitute or complement governance?, with Melissa Frye


April 24th, Mike Pagano (Villanova)

Paper: Risk, Uncertainty, and the Perceived Threat of Terrorist Attacks, with T. Shawn Strother





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