John B. Gatewood

(Professor Emeritus)

Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Lehigh University
31 Williams Drive
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015-3126

Curriculum Vitae


RESEARCH REPORT: Belonger Perceptions of Tourism and Its Impacts in the Turks and Caicos Islands (PDF file, ~1 MB).
Final report to officials and citizens of the Turks and Caicos Islands concerning our NSF-sponsored study of residents' understanding
of tourism. Data collected during 2006 and 2007; draft completed July, 2009; final report completed August, 2009.

F. K. LEHMAN ... booklet (PDF file, ~2 MB): Frederic Kris Lehman (U Chit Hlaing), Anthropologist and Teacher:
A collection of personal remembrances and reflections by some of his former students (2007)

See, also, the "In Memorium: F. K. Lehman" webpages at Northern Illinois University's Center for Burma Studies.
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Guitar. Long ago, when the stones were soft, I used to make extra cash playing guitar and singing folk songs for lounge lizards. But, listening to the Gypsy Kings or Los Lobos forces me realize what an amateur I was.

Pool. Also used to play a fairly mean game of pool--nine-ball, straight pool, snooker, etc. Now I'm playing again, and the word is that I'm the "best player in my immediate family."

Movies. This is my life-long passion--flicks, motion pictures, the Big Screen! I'll be watching films as long as my eyes can see and they have popcorn at the theaters. More and more, however, I view old films on the small screen: TCM and AMC are my favorite movie channels.

Fishing. Definitely! There are few things I enjoy more than fishing on a lake or pond and contemplating the meaning of life (even figured it out once, but forgot).

Motorcycles. "If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand."

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Research Areas

To read works-in-progress (and comments are WELCOME), please follow these links:
"Thinking while doing: Active cognitive in bartending" (revised and expanded, 2022)
"Differential knowledge concerning students in an academic institution" (1999, with Dawn E. Murray)
"Some formal contrasts between language and other forms of behavior-action" (1998)
"Ignorance, knowledge, and dummy categories: Social and cognitive aspects of expertise" (1996)
"Intracultural variability and problem-solving" (1993)
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Teaching Areas

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