Early American Literature: A Bibliography of Secondary Material

The goal here is to have a substantial (but not exhaustive) bibliography on specific subjects for student use.  Students might consult the bibliography online, or teachers might download and modify it for their local purposes.  The idea is to provide lists big enough to serve as the basis for research without being so large as to daunt (too much!) such research.  Thus, additions and deletions will occur over time (the bulk of the work on this bibliography was completed in the summer of 1997), and suggestions for changes are welcome.  Annotated entries are planned for the future.  Look for "Resources for Early American Studies: A Selective Guide" forthcoming in Carla Mulford's Teaching the Literatures of Early America, from European Contact to 1812.  Call numbers are to the Lehigh University library.

For web sites related to these and other categories, see Web Resources for Early American Literature: A Beginning.

Critical Context                Bibliography                Reference

 Exploration and Settlement

                                          Columbus/The Spanish       The French                  English Canada

                                                                     Puritanism            Staple Colonies

The Middle Colonies                The Eighteenth Century

                                                                         Poetry     Fiction    Drama

                                           Autobiography     Captivity Narratives        Other Literary Forms

                                                                              Multicultural Studies

Native American         African American         Women

                            Music                 Art                 History of the Book                Material Culture

Feature Films     Documentaries and Docudramas    CD-ROMS

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