19th Century Women's Poetry

Sources for individual poems are given in brackets after each poem; the date that follows is the date of publication.

Individual Authors

Mary Mathews Adams
Anne Reeve Aldrich
Katharine Lee Bates
Elise Justine Bayard
Elizabeth Bogart
Mary Emily Neeley Bradley
Alice Brown
Mary Frances Butts
Juliet Lewis Campbell
Elizabeth Margaret Chandler
Virginia Woodward Cloud
Florence Earle Coates
Zitella Cocke
Helen Gray Cone
Ellen Mackay Hutchinson Cortissoz
Mary Kyle Dallas
Caroline Danske Dandridge
Margaret Deland
Mary Ainse DeVere
Julia C. R. Dorr
Mary McNeil Fenollosa
Ednah Proctor Clarke Hayes
Winifred Howells
Alice Archer Sewall James
Margaret Thomson Janvier
Lucy White Jennison
Sophie Jewett
Hannah Parker Kimball
Elizabeth Clementine Dodge Kinney
Nora Perry
Anna Maria Pratt
Elizabeth Cavazza Pullen
Annie Douglas Robinson
Mary Ashley Van Voorhis Townsend
Princess Amelie Troubetzkoy

Notes on these selections.