19th Century Women's Poetry

Hannah Parker Kimball (1861-?)

Born in Boston, Parker Kimball published three volumes of poetry before the turn of the century: The Cup of Life(1892), Soul and Sense (1896), and Victory, and Other Poems (1897).

Soul and Sense
Myriads of motley molecules through space
Move round triumphant. By their whirl-pool pace
Shall we be shaken? All in earth's vast span,
Our very bodies, veer to other shapes;
Mid the mad dance one stubborn power escapes,
Looks on and marvels,--'t is the soul of man.

One Way of Trusting
Not trust you, dear? Nay, 't is not true.
As sailors trust the shifting sea
From day to day, so I trust you.
They know how smooth the sea can be;
And well they know its treachery
When tempests blow; yet forth they thrust
Their ships, as in security,
They trust it dear, because they must.