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Web-based Inquiry for Learning Science (WBI)

Welcome to the WBI Web site. This Webpage contains information the WBI manual and instrument developed by Dr. Alec M. Bodzin and Dr. Ward Mitchell Cates at Lehigh University. Below you will find links to theWBI manual, study papers, recommended WBI sites, and preservice teacher-created WBIs from Lehigh University's TBTE program.

WBI Instrument Manual:

Version 1.0

Beta 1 (18 Jun 2001)

Beta 2 (19 Sept 2001)


Shive, L.E., Bodzin, A.M., & Cates, W.M. (2004). A national standards-based study of Web-based inquiry in chemistry. Journal of Chemical Education, 81(7), 1066-1072.

Bodzin, A., and Cates, W. (2003). Enhancing preservice teachers' understanding of Web-based scientific inquiry. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 14(4), 237-257.

Bodzin, A., and Cates, W. (2002). Inquiry dot com. Web-based activities promote scientific inquiry learning. The Science Teacher, 69(9), 48-52.

Study Papers

    1. Bodzin, A., Cates, W., & Vollmer, V. Codifying Web-based Inquiry Activities: Preliminary Instrument Development. Paper presented at the 2001 National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO.
    2. Shive, L., Bodzin, A., & Cates, W. The Status of Web-Based Inquiry for Secondary School Chemistry. Paper presented at the 2002 National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. 
    3. Bodzin, A. & Cates, W. What Does EvidenceLook Like In a Web-based Inquiry?
    4. Bodzin, A., & Cates, W. Preparing Preservice Science Teachers to Understand Web-based Inquiry. Paper presented at the 2003 Association for the Education of Teachers in Science (AETS) Annual International Conference in St. Louis, MO.

Preservice Teacher-Created WBIs from Lehigh University's TBTE Program

WBIs for Secondary Learners

WBIs for Elementary Learner