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The Philip I. and Muriel M. Berman Papers: Collection I

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SERIES VI.A Photographic Prints

The photographic prints which were received as part of the Berman Papers but separately from other files have been housed in archival polypropylene storage pages and arranged in 27 loose leaf binders. On the front of each binder is a table of the sections comprising its contents. All of these sections are listed below. Whenever negatives were received with a group of prints, the negatives have been stored in a page immediately preceding the prints and following the section label. Some prints were received in envelopes or other containers labeled by Muriel Berman. Such labeling has been preserved (though not necessarily with the whole envelope or container) and will be found following the section labels. Many prints have identification written on the verso by Muriel Berman, who undertook a major project of annotation in preparation for delivering the prints to Lehigh. Her work of identification will be of great value to future researchers.

In Binders 1-4 are photographs received together as a single file, almost all showing sculptures presented as gifts by the Bermans. Many of these have been identified on the verso by Janet Heffner, who has often indicated both the artist's name and the recipient of the gift. These photographs are grouped into sections by artist, and the sections are arranged in alphabetical order by the artist's last name. Photographs of the artists are sometimes to be found here, as for example of Kenneth Armitage, Lynn Chadwick, Celestino Giampaoli, Menashe Kadishman, Ephraim Peleg, Yehiel Shemi.

Other groups of photographs relating primarily to art are to be found in Binders 5-7 and the first part of Binder 8, e.g. works in Italy, France, and Portugal, and shows of the Bermans' own collection of Eastern European art. Included in Binder 5 are photographs from the 1984 and 1993 visits with the Pope, and from the trip to the Gregorian University in 1995.

The latter part of Binder 8 and all of Binder 9 contain photographs of Philip I. Berman and Muriel M. Berman and their families. A wide range of places and dates is represented here, beginning with high school and Marine Corps pictures of Philip Berman. Of special interest, in Binder 8, are the photo of Philip Berman beside the portrait sculpture of him by Michael Price; photos of Philip Berman at Hess's; a photo of Nancy Berman with Mildred Miller; a photo of Philip Berman and Nancy Berman with Edward Kennedy; a photo of Nancy Berman with Jacques Lipschitz; a photo of Nina and Steven Berman with Governor Laurence.

Binders 10-12 are primarily records of parties at the Bermans' house, and include photos of a great many individuals, notably Birch Bayh, Jonas Salk, Francoise Gilot, Paloma Picasso, Yogo Sensei, Perle Mesta, and the staff of the Whitney Museum, among others.

Israel is the principal focus of Binders 13-15, which contain a great variety of photographs, recording, for example, Philip Berman's Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem, his meeting with Anwar Sadat, the inauguration of the Jewish Studies Center at Lehigh University, the Bermans' gifts of art work to Jerusalem and to the Hadassah Hospital, the Bermans' establishment of major institutions such as the Berman National Medical Library and the Berman Center for Biblical Archaeology, both in Jerusalem.

Binder 16 contains photographs reflecting many of the awards received by Philip and Muriel Berman, including honorary degrees from Lehigh University and Ursinus College, Man of the Year award, Golden Plate award, Philanthropist of the Year award, and several others.

Binders 17-19 contain primarily photographs from the Bermans' travels: Japan, Mongolia, Poland, Morocco, for example. Section 1 of Binder 17, however, is a group of photographs received together as a single file, containing photos from Philip Berman's World War II tour of duty in the South Pacific, together with some family photographs.

Binder 20 records some of the Bermans' connections with persons of national and international standing. The names are too numerous to list individually, but include Lord Caradon, King Hussein, Tiki Kaul, John F. Kennedy, Betty Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Patrick Moynihan, Stuart Udall, George Romney, Fred Rooney, Paul McHale, George Leader, William Scranton, Francoise Gilot, Tenzing Norgay, Nawang Gomphu.

Binder 21 includes primarily groups of photographs relating to activities in the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Philadelphia areas. Binder 22 contains some miscellaneous, unidentified, and partially identified photographs.

Binders 23-27 are all concerned with Hess's and provide glimpses of many aspects of the store's operation, from staff meetings to flower shows and special guests such as Angie Brooks, Henry Jackson, Hubert Humphrey, Wilbur D. Mills, Barbara Eden, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren.

In all there are some 4,313 prints in Series VI.A, in black and white and in color, and in a variety of sizes. These, however, may well be less than half the photographs in the Berman Papers. Thousands of other photographs are included, as received, in files of the other Series. There are also, in the other Series, extensive files of documentation directly or indirectly related to the photographs in Series VI.A, as for example Series III.A (Awards) relating to Binder 16 of Series VI.A, or Series I.F (Art Correspondence) relating to Binders 1-7 of Series VI.A. Furthermore, photographs of Philip Berman and Muriel Berman will be found not only in Binders 8 and 9 of Series VI.A but also throughout this Series and throughout the Collection. Photographs larger than 8x10 will be found in Series IX.

The contents of Binders 1-27 may be summarized as follows:

Binders 1-4 Gifts of sculpture, arranged alphabetically by artist

Binder 5 Art in Italy; the Pope

Binder 6 Art in France, Portugal, U.S.A., Canada

Binder 7 Art -- miscellaneous

Binder 8 Art at house; Alaska; Muriel M. Berman and family

Binder 9 Philip I. Berman, Muriel M. Berman, and family

Binders 10-12 Parties at the house

Binders 13-15 Israel and Jewish affairs

Binder 16 Awards

Binders 17-19 Travel

Binder 20 Notable persons, mostly political

Binder 21 Miscellaneous identified

Binder 22 Miscellaneous unidentified

Binders 23-27 Hess's

In the following more detailed Binder and Section list, the number in parentheses after the title of each section indicates the number of prints included in that section.

Binder 1


1 Unidentified (1)

2 Armitage, Kenneth (19)

3 Bermani (19)

4 Cartier [?] (12)

5 Cassidy, Shaun (2)

6 Caswell, Dick (2)

7 Chadwick, Lynn (66)

8 Cognet, Roland (7)

9 Consagra (23)

10 Cunningham, Linda (2)

Binder 2


1 di Suvero, Mark (14)

2 Doyle, Tom (21)

3 Epstein, Jacob (5)

4 Ernst, Max (5)

5 Flanagan, Barry (8)

6 Foster, John (2)

7 Freudenthal, Robinson (8)

8 Garofalo, Mark (1)

9 Gerst, Leon (102)

10 Giampaoli, Celestino (23)

11 Gibian, Mark (2)

12 Gottlieb, Richard (10)

13 Guatemala, Joyce de (8)

Binder 3


1 Hadany, Israel (30)

2 Ben Haim, Zigi (10)

3 Hefetz, Yaacov (15)

4 Hide, Peter (1)

5 Hock, John (1)

6 Johnson, J. Seward (Grounds for Sculpture) (99)

7 Kadishman, Menashe (21)

8 Kainz, Dan (8)

9 Kuckuck, Henner (4)

10 Lawless, Billie (2)

11 Le Corbeau (2)

12 Liberman, Alexander (22)

13 Macklin, Ken (2)

14 Miro, Joan (4)

15 Noguchi, Isamo (2)

Binder 4


1 Peleg, Ephraim (17)

2 Pomodero, Arnoldo (5)

3 Porter, Stephen (13)

4 Potin, Jacques (3)

5 Price, Michael (14)

6 Sablosky, Jill (3)

7 Schwartz, Buky (11)

8 Seiler, Herb (2)

9 Severenson (3)

10 Sewell, Leo (17)

11 Shaffer, Mary (1)

12 Shaw, Ernest (44)

13 Shemi, Yehiel (4)

14 Sisko, Paul (26)

15 Sternal, Tom (33)

16 Stirner, Karl (2)

17 Tobin, Steve (3)

18 Tumarkin, Igael (9)

19 Unger, Mary Ann (1)

20 Zweygardt, Glenn (17)

Binder 5


1 Manzu – Home (53)

2 Manzu – Vatican (25)

3 Manzu – Italy (38)

4 Pietra Santa (21)

5 Cardinal Cassidy (28)

6 Visit with the Pope – 1984 (84)

7 The Pope at St. Peter's – 1993 (15)

8 Visit to the Pope with Rebecca – 1993 (28)

9 Gregorian University – 1995 (14)

Binder 6


1 France. Vasereli (38)

2 France. St. Paul de Vence. Fondation Maeght (74)

3 France. Paris. Cezanne show (18)

4 France. Paris. Brancusi show (32)

5 Portugal. Evora (35)

6 American paintings (54)

7 Montreal exhibition (38)

8 [Sculpture show? – 1995] (16)

Binder 7


1 Eastern European Art. Show. Harrisburg (30)

2 Eastern European Art. Show. Harrisburg (29)

3 Various art shows (11)

4 Various artists (4)

5 Various art works (28)

6 Art gifts to Ursinus College (10)

7 Various art gifts (7)

Binder 8


1 Art at the house (24)

2 Agam, Yaacov (4)

3 Sculpture and painting, various (64)

4 Alaska trip (75)

5 Parents of Muriel M. Berman (7)

6 Muriel M. Berman (31)

7 Family of Muriel M. Berman (22)

Binder 9


1 Philip I. Berman (64)

2 Muriel M. Berman and Philip I. Berman (16)

3 Family of Muriel M. Berman and Philip I. Berman (49)

Binder 10


1 Japanese party (21)

2 African party (5)

3 Party preparations (7)

4 House: 2000 Nottingham Road (18)

5 House: 2000 Nottingham Road – art work (15)

6 Chaine des Rotisseurs (7)

7 Party for Birch Bayh (31)

Binder 11


1 Party for Yogo Sensei (13)

2 Party with Chinese art (33)

3 Israel party (6)

4 India party (10)

5 Party for Jonas Salk (12)

6 Salk-Picasso party (21)

7 Clam bake (21)

8 Various parties (19)

Binder 12


1 Whitney Museum party (95)

Binder 13


1 Philip I. Berman's Bar Mitzvah (10)

2 Tel Aviv (3)

3 Tiberias (13)

4 Berman National Medical Library (11)

5 Berman Hadassah Nurses' Residence (18)

6 Chagall synagogue (9)

7 Israel – miscellaneous (9)

8 American Friends of Hebrew University (1)

9 American Friends of Hebrew University and American Jewish Committee (20)

10 American Jewish Committee (7)

11 Hadassah (10)

12 Jewish Publication Society (7)

Binder 14


1 Berman Center for Biblical Archaeology (23)

2 Berman Center for Biblical Archaeology and Hadassah Hospital (27)

3 Archaeology in Jerusalem, and visit with Moshe Zabari, and Calder sculpture (40)

4 Hadassah Hospital Medical Information Center (19)

5 Holocaust Memorial in Israel, and Calder sculpture (23)

6 Jewish Studies Center inaugural (13)

7 Lehigh conference trip to Israel, and Chadwick sculpture, and Liberman sculpture (15)

8 Jewish Studies Center, and Berman National Medical Library, and Liberman sculpture, and Miro sculpture, and Hadassah Hospital, and Berman Center for Biblical Archaeology, and Hadany sculpture (36)

9 Jewish Studies Center (9)

10 Hadassah School of Nursing (5)

11 Chadwick sculpture and Miro sculpture (5)

12 Jewish Publication Society and Isaac Bashevis Singer (50)

Binder 15


1 Honorary Degrees at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Teddy Kollek, and David

Ben-Gurion (9)

2 Yitzhak Rabin, and Avraham Harman, and Ephraim Katzir (8)

3 Yitzhak Rabin, and Ephraim Katzir, and Sinai[?] (15)

4 Anwar Sadat and Sinai (15)

5 State of Israel Bonds – 1961 (2)

6 State of Israel Bonds – 1964 (31)

7 State of Israel Bonds and Fred Waring (25)

Binder 16


1 Awards (101)

Binder 17


1 South Pacific, and World War II, and family photos (75)

2 S.S. America – 1963 (4)

3 S.S. United States – 1967 (3)

4 Morocco – Dec. 1982 (143)

5 Japan – [1958?] (52)

6 [Hong Kong?] – [1958?] (18)

7 [India] – [1958?] (15)

Binder 18


1 Mongolia, China, Japan – 1977 (84)

Binder 19


Poland and Treblinka (385)

Binder 20


1 United Nations, and Lord Caradon, and King Hussein (21)

2 Tiki Kaul (India) (2)

3 White House (22)

4 U.S. Congress (26)

5 Pennsylvania officials (32)

6 Francoise Gilot and Salk Institute (2)

7 Tenzing Norgay and Nawang Gomphu (22)

Binder 21


1 AHEAD campaign (3)

2 Allentown Redevelopment (6)

3 Bicentennial (Allentown) (1)

4 Hilton Hotel (3)

5 Woman's Club of Allentown (4)

6 Lehigh University Economics Lectures (12)

7 Ed Martin at Hotel Bethlehem

8 James Michener at Ursinus College

9 Philadelphia Museum of Art (5)

10 Metropolitan Opera (2)

11 Aspen, Colorado (7)

12 Tastevin and Rotisseurs (9)

13 13 Lloyd's of London (9)

Binder 22


1 Unidentified / Miscellaneous (44)

2 Partially identified (17)

Binder 23


1 Philip I. Berman at Hess's (21)

2 Philip I. Berman and staff at Hess's (19)

3 Hess's and First National Bank (2)

4 Hess's and New York Stock Exchange (4)

5 Staff appreciation Hess's (8)

6 Acquisition and expansion of Hess's (18)

7 Window displays at Hess's (11)

Binder 24


1 Hess's Gallery (12)

2 Philip I. Berman with paintings by Binder at Hess's (23)

3 State of Israel Bonds at Hess's, and Zenon Hansen (15)

4 Tiberias visit to Hess's (27)

5 Waterbed promotion at Hess's (4)

6 Hess's buying trip to Greece (16)

Binder 25


1 Angie Brooks at Hess's [1982?] (47)

Binder 26


1 Henry M. Jackson and Fred Rooney (24)

2 Hubert H. Humphrey (22)

3 Wilbur D. Mills (17)

4 Philip I. Berman and Joseph S. Daddona at Hess's (24)

5 Jimmy Carter's mother at Hess's (6)

6 Various special events, visitors, and groups at Hess's (43)

Binder 27


1 Hess's Flower Show, including: Barbara Eden, 1968; Virginia Graham, 1972; Yvonne

Braithwaite Burke, 1973; Helen Gurly Brown; and others (52)

2 Miss America and Miss U.S.A. at Hess's (23)

3 Visitors to Hess's, including: Gina Lollobrigida; Sophia Loren; Bert Bachrach; Eddie

Albert; Bugs Bunny and Porky (12)


Most of the approximately 4,388 slides in the Berman Collection are 2x2 color transparencies made ca. 1955-1984 during the Bermans' travels to all parts of the world. Some 3,603 such slides have been housed in archival polypropylene storage pages and arranged in seven loose leaf binders numbered 28 through 34. In so far as possible, slides developed from one roll of film have been kept together as a set and arranged in the order in which they were made; the many sets of slides from different rolls of film have, in so far as possible, been arranged in chronological order.

To facilitate research on art, the sets of slides which show art work have been removed from the above sequence and placed together in Binder 28, in their own separate chronological order. Within these sets, some slides show art works while others do not; the sets have nevertheless been kept together for the sake of context. The slides in Binders 29-34 therefore show mostly people, buildings, and scenery; one exception is the Jerusalem stabile of Alexander Calder in Binder 33.

The approximately 785 slides not housed in Binders 28-34 are stored in Boxes 207-209. Most of these slides are stereoptic slides, of which many were commercially produced (in France, Russia, and the Vatican) and include a variety of art works. The stereoptic slides taken by the Bermans themselves seem to date mostly from the 1950's and reflect their world-wide travels; some slides of art work will be found here.

Because of the large number of slides and the variety of subjects, the following list is necessarily selective in naming the places represented, not comprehensive. It is hoped that the researcher interested primarily in, for example, Spain or Israel will find here the clues she or he needs.

Binder 28 1960-1984 and undated

527 slides, including some sculpture and other artwork photographed in Holland, Brazil,

Thailand, the Virgin Islands, France, Japan, Israel, Mexico, and Austria. Slides of Eastern European art and of Israeli art are included. Artists represented include, among manyothers, Alexander Calder, Menashe Kadishman, and R. Freudenthal.

Binder 29 1957-1972 and undated

391 slides, representing a variety of family trips and parties; construction of the Bermans' house in 1966; and the award of an honorary degree by Cedar Crest College to Muriel Berman in 1972.

Binder 30 1957-1966

595 slides, including scenes from travels in Israel, Japan, Africa, South America, Tahiti, Fiji, East Germany, Greece, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Ethiopia, Romania, Belgium; there are also pictures from the 1962 Allentown Bicentennial Parade and the 1964 Democratic National Convention.

Binder 31 1966

546 slides, including scenes from travels in Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, and Ethiopia; there are also pictures from the Manila Conference attended by Lyndon Baines Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson.

Binder 32 1966-1977

472 slides, including scenes from travels in Ethiopia, Japan, Israel, Greece, Iran, Kashmir.

Binder 33 1977-1978 and undated

516 slides, including scenes from travels in Mongolia, China, Israel, Africa, Japan, India, South America, the Vatican, and Portugal; under the date 1977 are included some pictures of the stabile of Alexander Calder in Jerusalem.

Binder 34 undated

556 slides, including scenes from travels in Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Hong Kong, Israel, Alaska, India, and Nepal; included are pictures of Tenzing Norgay and Nawang Gomphu.

Box 207 [Note: All the slides in Box 207 are commercially produced. The French and Vatican

slides are stereoptic; the Russian slides are 2x2. The French slides in Box 207 total 77 slides, the Vatican slides total 70, the Russian slides total 96.]


1 Versailles (boxes 6001, 6002, 6003, 6005)

2 Versailles (boxes 6007, 6008, 6009, 6011)

3 Versailles (box 6012); Montmartre (box 5468); Chateau de la Malmaison (boxes 6017,


4 Champs-Elysees – Etoile (box 5453); Musei Vaticani (boxes 1, 2)

5 Musei Vaticani (boxes 3, 4); Russian Architecture; Russian Winter Scenes

6 Musei Vaticani (boxes 5, 6); Pushkin Palace; Pavlovsk Great Palace

Box 208

[Note: The Russian and Japanese slides in Box 208 (Sections 1-3) are commercially produced. All the slides in Box 208 are stereoptic except the Japanese slides (Sections 2-3), which are 2x2. The Russian slides in this box total 72 slides, the Japanese slides total 53 and are dated 1954-1958.]


1 Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg (Gold Room, Applied Art, Flemish Painting)

2 Japan (Japanese Foods, Nara, Kyoto, Seasonal Observance)

3 Japan (Home Life, Geisha Girl)

4 Travel 1955 (72 slides from Switzerland; France: Paris, Versailles; Italy: Rome, Venice,

Florence; S.S. Independence and Gibraltar)

5 Travel and personal 1955-1956 (44 slides from Spain; Israel; S.S. Independence; Paris;

Palm Springs; Portugal; and miscellaneous including some art; there is also an

empty container from 1958.)

6 Travel, undated (60 slides from Spain: Madrid, Majorca, Seville, Toledo, Granada;

Belgium; London.)

Box 209

[Note: None of the slides in Box 209 are commercially produced. All are stereoptic except for the five listed in Section 5, which are 2x2.]


1 Travel, undated (61 slides from Portugal: Lisbon; Italy: Capri, Naples, Pompeii, Genoa;

England; Denmark; Germany; Labrador)

2 Travel, undated (36 slides from Belgium; Holland; England; Israel; Turkey; and from a party at the Bermans' house)

Travel [1970's?] (57 slides from Spain; Israel; Turkey; Greece; etc.)

4 Travel, undated (68 slides from Israel)

5 Travel, undated (19 slides, of which five are 2x2 slides from Israel, and the rest are from a

family party of Aug. 1955)

6 [Travel scenes?] undated (four rolls of developed black and white film)

SERIES VI.C Various Audio-Visual Materials

Motion picture films, video cassettes, and audio tapes are included in Boxes 210-214. All of the motion picture film appears to be "home movies" rather than commercially produced; some is 16mm film and some 8mm. Most reels are undated, but the identifiable dates range from 1939 to 1954. The 16mm film is all kept in Boxes 210-211, together with a VHS videocassette copy made in May 2000 of all the 16mm film. The individual films in Box 210 are numbered 1-13, and those in Box 211 are numbered 14-23; these numbers represent the order in which the films were copied on the videocassette.

Box 210

One 7-inch reel of 16mm motion picture film in can, unlabeled.

Twelve 3-inch reels of 16mm motion picture films in boxes, all having the address 915 N. 30th St., Allentown

Box 211

Ten 3-inch reels of 16mm motion picture film, of which seven are in boxes having the address 915 N. 30th St., Allentown; two are in boxes having the address Pennsburg, PA; one has neither box nor label.

One VHS videocassette copy of all the 16mm films in Boxes 210-211.

Box 212 Seventeen

3-inch reels of 8mm motion picture film, of which three are in boxes having the address 915 N. 30th St., Allentown; three are in boxes having the address Pennsburg, PA; two are in boxes having the address El Centro, CA; one has neither box nor label; two are in boxes having the address Coronado, CA; three are in boxes having the address Pottstown, PA; three are in boxes having the address Pittsburgh, PA.

Box 213 Five

5-inch reels of 8mm motion picture film, of which one is labeled: Nassau 1940; one is labeled: 9 & 12 / M.M. / 1941 Fla. / 1940 Scavoon / 1941 A. City / Phil M. / 1939 Labrador; one is labeled: 4 & 8 / Hawaii / Phil J. Mallin / World's Fair / Calif; one is labeled: 1 & 3; one is unlabelled.

Six audio tapes, as folllows: one 7-inch reel, reel to reel, undated, labeled: Beatles songs; two 5-inch reels, reel to reel, dated Dec. 26, 1973, and Jan. 3, 1974, labeled: WFLN "Know Your Art"; One cassette tape labeled: Judith Epstein: Myrtle Wreath 1981;

One cassette tape labeled: Amer. Friends of Hebrew Univ.: Warwick Hotel 11-20-84;

One cassette tape labeled: Presidential Strategy Series 1984, Volume III;

One cassette tape labeled: Silent No More: Benefactor – 1983;

One cassette tape unlabeled.

Box 214 Two videocassettes, labeled:

Muhlenberg / Dedication / Center for / the Arts / 1977;

Upheaval 10 / Glen Zweygardt Sculptor / 1984 Dub.

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