Perella Department of Finance and Law

Research Seminar Schedule


Please contact Jesus M Salas or Ke Yang Assistant Professors of Finance, at jsalas ‘at’ and key208 ’at’ correspondingly if you are interested in presenting your work or if you have questions or comments about the seminar series. Coffee and donuts are provided. In addition to the following seminars, we also have brown bag lunch seminars for internal presentations. All seminars take place in Rauch 171 at 10:30 am unless it is otherwise noted below.

 Fall of 2016


 September 17h, Liang Peng, Pennsylvania State University

Paper: Do Discount Rates Predict Returns? Evidence from Private Commercial Real Estate

October 7th, Pab Jotiskathira, Southern Methodist University

Paper: Heterogeneous Taxes and Limited Risk Sharing: Evidence from Municipal Bonds with Tania Babina, Chotibhak Jotikasthira, Christian Lundblad, and Tarun Ramadorai

November 6th, Bill Wilhelm, University of Virginia

Paper: Investment Banking Relationships: 1933-2007, with Alan Morrison, Aaron Thegeya and  Carola Schenone

November 4th, William (Bill) Elliott, John Carroll Univeristy

Paper: Authorized shares: To limit, or not to limit, that is the question, with Hilmi Songur


Spring of 2017


March 31st, David Cicero, Auburn University

Paper: TBA

April 21st, Stu Gillan, University of Georgia


April 28th, Michelle Lowry, Drexel University






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