Department of Military Science & Leadership

Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC)

The Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC), also known as Operation Warrior Forge, is the 4-week capstone evaluation and training event for MSIII cadets. LDAC is held every summer at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State.

Upon arrival, cadets are in-processed and undergo a medical examination and equipment issue. In their first week at LDAC cadets are evaluated on the individual skills they have mastered over three years in ROTC. Cadets take an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), a written land-navigation test, and conduct individual day and night land navigation.

After being assessed in these individual tasks, cadets are placed in leadership positions for evaluation. Cadets will two hold garrison leadership positions ranging from squad leader to company commander. Additionally, cadets will be placed in charge of a squad that they must then lead on the Field Leader's Reaction Course (FLRC). At FLRC cadets will be presented with a mission for their squad to accomplish on an obstacle in a short amount of time.

Once cadets have finished their team-focused preparation they will take part in a mock deployment to a foreign country where they will be evaluated on their leadership skill and tactical aptitude. Cadets will live in Forward Operating Bases (FOB) and conduct combat and sustainment operations in the mock country for one week. During this week cadets will be evaluated twice as the leader of a squad in combat and sustainment operations and once as a leader in patrolling operations (patrols consist of two squads).

Throughout LDAC cadets will also be exposed to confidence training such as chemical training, US weapons familiarization, obstacle course, water confidence course, and rappelling.

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