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Graduate Students Supervised as Research Advisor

40 PhD students supervised as dissertation advisor, from which many are university professors and several are prominent in professional practice and research laboratories.

53 M.Sc. students supervised as thesis or report advisor (35 graduated with a thesis).

Kim, Bubryur, 2015, M.Sc. Report; Zhang, Lutong, 2015, M.Sc. Thesis; Peiffer, Brian, 2014, M.Sc. Thesis; Zou, Yingjun, 2011, M.Sc. Thesis; Zhang, Chao, 2009, M.Sc. Thesis; Marsh, Phillip, 2006, M.Sc. Thesis; Bradley, Chamberlin, 2006, M.Sc. Report; Buckmaster, Sonia, 2006, M.Sc. Report; Deco, Alberto, 2005, Tesi di Laurea; Maldonaldo-Gonzales, Rene, 2005, M.Sc. Report; Saele, Thomas, 2005, M.Sc. Thesis; Matsumoto, Masato, 2005, M.Sc. Thesis; Goode, Jonathan, 2004, M.Sc. Thesis; Subbarayan, Sundara, 2004, M.Sc. Thesis; Miller, Aaron, 2004, M.Sc. Thesis; Omachi, Yoshiaki, 2002, M.Sc. Thesis; Kawakami, Yoriko, 2002, M.Sc. Thesis; Noh, Jinil, 2001, M.Sc. Thesis; Hanai, Taku, 1999, M.Sc. Thesis; Miyake, Masaru, 1999, M.Sc. Thesis; Frank, Dean, 1999, M.Sc. Thesis; Chen, Hung-Wei, 1997, M.Sc. Report; Nichols, Matthew, 1997, M.Sc. Report; Genz, Daryl, 1997, M.Sc. Thesis; Milner, David, 1996, M.Sc. Thesis; Durmus, Korhan, 1996, M.Sc. Thesis; Lunke, Anne, 1996, M.Sc. Report; Iwaki, Ichiro, 1996, M.Sc. Thesis; Stehler, Donald, 1995, M.Sc. Thesis; Johansson, Ola, 1995, M.Sc. Report; Ide, Yutaka, May 1995, M.Sc. Thesis; Steine, Gert, 1995, M.Sc. Report; Wilshusen, Brec, 1995, M.Sc. Report; Pranet, Woravit, 1994, M.Sc. Report; Khandaker, Lutfur, 1994, M.Sc. Thesis; Pytte, Erik, 1994, M.Sc. Thesis; Kang, Hong, 1992, M.Sc. Report; Chakravorty, Milanendu, 1991, M.Sc. Report; Burgess, Christopher, 1991, M.Sc. Thesis; Yoshida, Keito, 1990, M.Sc. Thesis; Teigen, Jan, 1990, M.Sc. Thesis; Tan, Nurhan, 1990, M.Sc. Thesis; Robson, Bradley, 1990, M.Sc. Thesis; Gupta, Rishi, 1989, M.Sc. Thesis; Abuasaad, Assad, 1988, M.Sc. Report; Scholfield, Mark, 1988, M.Sc. Report; Yen, Tzong, 1987, M.Sc. Report; Curley, James, 1986, M.Sc. Thesis; Trautner, Janice, 1986, M.Sc. Thesis; Aburayyan, Naim, 1986, M.Sc. Report; Hiestand, Gregory, 1986, M.Sc. Thesis; Nakib, Rachid, 1985, M.Sc. Thesis.

Current Graduate Students Supervised as Research Advisor

PhD students:
Castro de Aguiar, Patrícia; Dong, You (Awards: recipient of the 2015 CERRA Student Recognition Award and the P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellowship); Guimaraes, Hugo (Co-advisor); Haraji, Ali (Co-advisor); Hanley, Ciaran (Co-advisor); Li, Huile (Co-advisor); Liu, Jie; Liu, Liang; Mondoro, Alysson (Awards: P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellowship); Peng, Shu- Ting; Sabatino, Samantha (Awards: P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellowship); Yang, Yinan (David) (Co-advisor)

M.Sc. students:
Martz, Benjamin

National Research Paper-Based Awards Received with Current/Former Graduate Students

External Expert for the Habilitation and External Examining Committee Member for Ph.D. Candidates

Selected Short Courses Offered

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