Lehigh Valley American Regions Math League team

Joining the Lehigh Valley ARML team

The 2015 ARML contest will be held on May 30. The Lehigh Valley team will have five teams of 15 people, the Fire, the Ice, the Lightning, the Thunder, and the Storm. As of March 3, the roster has almost been finalized. Selection for the five teams is based on score on the Lehigh Contest, performance in practices, and scores on the AMC and AIME, and in MathCounts. Practices are held at Lehigh University Sundays from 3:30 to 6:00. We will probably have nine practices in the spring.

In recent years, the team has included many students from 75 or more miles away from Lehigh in all directions, including New Jersey. Students whose schools participate in the Central Jersey Math League are not eligible to be on the LV ARML team, nor are students from West-Windsor Plainsboro High School.

Although ARML consists of difficult questions in high school mathematics, we have found that talented middle school students can perform very successfully at ARML. The 2010 national champion Lehigh Valley Fire team included an eighth grader and a seventh grader among its 15 members. One way for prospective students to decide whether they might fit into the team is to look at some of the old Lehigh math contests. Out of the 40 questions on the 2014 contest, most people on the Storm team answered 11-18 correctly, the Thunder team answered 15-22 correctly, on Lightning 15-23, on Ice 19-27, and on Fire 22-34. Many other factors are taken into account for team placement, but these scores correlate highly with team placement.

If on May 29 we have more than 75 people who want to go, then those not selected to one of the five teams can go as alternates, although with five teams now, we will try to avoid having more than 75 people. Alternates go with the rest of the team, wear the LV T-shirt, but participate on a team of alternates from various areas. Many LV ARML members have gone as alternates in past years and enjoyed the experience.

In 2014 all costs were covered by our sponsors. This will again be true in 2015. The primary sponsor of the team is Paul Martino, who graduated from North Penn HS in 1992 and Lehigh Univ in 1995. He founded several Silicon Valley companies, most recently Bullpen Capital, and has made a substantial contribution to the LU Contest and LV ARML team for the past eight years. Other sponsors are Google, Lehigh University Department of Mathematics, and Rotor Bearing Technology and Software. Any corporation interested in sponsoring a portion of the expenses of the Lehigh Valley ARML team should contact Don Davis.

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