Lehigh Valley American Regions Math League team

Information about Lehigh Valley ARML team practices

We will have three fall 2017 practices. Students who were not on the 2017 team and wish to attend should contact Don Davis. Our spring practices are open only to students who have been invited to be on the team. Our practice facility cannot accommodate more than 78 people, which may cause us to restrict attendance at fall practices. The fall practices are only open to members of the 2017 team plus people who have been told by Don Davis that they may attend, and have then told him that they will attend. Attendance at fall practices does not guarantee a spot on the spring team.

Spring practices are only open to team members. Our practice facility can only accommodate 78 people. 2017 practices were held on March 12, 26, April 2, 9, 23, 30, May 7, 21, 28, always from 3:30-6 PM. Practices usually consist of working on old ARML contests. Practices are held in Maginnes Hall, room 101. Maginnes Hall is located on the Lehigh University campus. There is a parking garage just across Asa Drive from the entrance to Maginnes, but if you use it, you must park at a metered spot and pay the meter. If you intend to do that, bring lots of quarters. However there should be ample free parking on the streets. Those are city meters which are free on Sundays. Here is a map of the adjacent streets (Morton, Vine, Packer, and Brodhead) which have lots of meters, many of which should be unoccupied on Sunday afternoon. At worst, Brodhead St is just two blocks away and will have many open spaces. Here is a map of campus in which Maginnes is building 9.

Solutions to all problems considered during the practice will be handed out at the end of practice. Team members are expected to study those solutions during the following week, in order to obtain maximum benefit from the practice. We spend very little time during practice in actual instruction regarding the mathematics of the problems.

Practices begin and end promptly. Try to arrive early, especially if you wish to socialize with your teammates. Snacks and lemonade are provided. A lounge is provided for parents who drive their children to practice.

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