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Dr. Liu have three guiding teaching principles. First, the interdisciplinary nature of technological development needs to be incorporated into teaching.  Numerical simulation provides an idea platform on which knowledge from the areas of fluid mechanics, mathematics, biology and physics, can be combined into a unified interdisciplinary program of courses.  Second, new knowledge is being generated so fast that information in text books quickly becomes out dated.   To resolve this problem, Dr. Liu plans to incorporate newest research into lectures, to train and enrich graduate and undergraduate participants in fluid dynamics research. He expects that traditional “Fluid Mechanics” courses will be updated by adding new ingredients such as bio-nanofluidics.  A new graduate-level course titled “Multiscale Modeling in Bio-nano-fluidics” will also be developed by condensing and transforming the latest research findings in multiscale simulations. Third, advanced IT technology should be integrated into class-room teaching. I am initiating an iLearn: Mobile Active Learning Platform for Engineering Lab.  This lab aims to transform the regular instructor-centered lectures to be student-centered integrated and interactive learning platform enabled by tablet PC and wireless mobile technology. Students are engaged in digital notes, blogs, and real-time voting enabled by touch-screen tablets and classroom interaction software ClassroomPresenter. Numerical simulation courses will benefit from using interactive 3-D simulation tools enabled by mobile computing, e.g., Interactive Molecular Dynamics (IMD) software to demonstrate polymer stretching, and Surface Involver to demonstrate surface tension phenomena. The portability of these tablet laptops makes them also idea tools for outreach events such as Engineering Summer Camps.


List of Courses:
  ۞  ME231 Fluid Mechanics

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