Principle Investigator

Dr. Liu Yaling Liu
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics
Department of Bioengineering
Full Professor, Lehigh University
Associate member, Center for Targeted Therapeutics and Translational Nanomedicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
PhD, ASME Fellow

Graduate sudents

Dr. Liu Wentao Shi
Bioengineering- PhD student (wes214.at.lehigh.edu)
Circulating tumor cells isolation
In vitro 3D tumor modeling
Microfluidic assisted anti-tumor drug screening
Transparent superhydrophobic surfaces
3D bio-printing
Dr. Liu Christopher Uhl
Bioengineering- PhD student (cgu213.at.lehigh.edu)
Improving therapeutic delivery
expedited tumor growth for therapeutic analysis studies.
Dr. Liu Meghdad Razizadeh
Mechanical Engineering- PhD student (mer317.at.lehigh.edu)
Computational Biomechanics
Multiscale red blood cell damage modeling
Dr. Liu Sheng Wang
Mechanical Engineering- PhD student (shw515.at.lehigh.edu)
DLP/SLA methods in additive manufacturing
Acoustic alignment
Blood cell damage modeling
Dr. Liu Yuyuan Zhou
Bioengineering- PhD student (yuz917.at.lehigh.edu)
Erythrocytes Damage in Medical Device
Cell-Liposome Interaction
Dr. Liu Orhan Kaya
Mechanical engineering- Master student (ork216.at.lehigh.edu )
Parallel computing
Molecular dynamics
Red blood cell modeling


Salman Sohrabi, PhD, 2017
Post-doc at Princeton university
Doruk Younus, PhD, 2017
Assistant Professor, Bursa teknik üniversitesi, Turkey
Ran He, PhD, 2017
Product Engineer, Formlabs, Boston
Shunqiang Wang, PhD, 2016
System Engineer in Sequencing Technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific, New York
Ji Hu, 2016
Scientist, Regeneron, New Jersey
Jifu Tan, PhD, 2015
Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University
Anthony Thomas, PhD, 2015
Senior Scientist, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, San Diego
Wesley J. Keller , 2015
Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA
Yihu Zhou, 2015
Engineer, Apple, California
Xiangxingyu Lin, MS, 2015
Mechanical engineer at Advanced Mechatronics Solutions
Junda Zhen, MS, 2015
Manufacturing engineer at Globalstart Inc.